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My Mummy and the Milkman

After Uncle Shyam left I quickly jumped over to my balcony and went inside my room. I saw my mom coming over to my bedroom and unlocking the door. I decided to sleep for the time being, thinking that no other male was coming. Plus, I knew that after squiring so much, my mother would also be tired.

I woke up late at night and went to the dinner table. As usual my mom was wearing a red color silk nighty which clung to her luscious body because of her sweat, showing her every curve. She looked tired and also a bit uneasy. Maybe she was feeling a little guilty after what happened with Uncle Shyam. While serving me dinner, I saw the outline of her huge mangoes jiggling with every movement.

"Babu, toke kaal sokale uthte hobena. Ami doodh ta niye nebo." ("Babu, you don't have to wake up early tomorrow. I'll take the milk.")

I knew the reason but still I decided to ask, "Keno, ma? Amii toh nite pari. Osubiddha ki ache?" ("Why mom? I could take it. What's the problem?")

"Kichui oshubidha nei. Ami asole kal ektu berobo tai sokal sokal uthte hobe. Tui ghumiye thakis. Ami doodhwalar theke doodh niye nebo, chinta koris na." ("No problem at all. Actually, I'll be going out tomorrow so I have to wake up early. You can sleep as long as you like. I'll take the milk from the milkman, don't worry.")

I decided against pushing this topic further. "Thikache. Ami tahle kal sokale derite uthbo. Tumi mone kore doodh ta niye niyo somoy moton." ("Fine. I'll wake up late tomorrow. Just remember to take the milk from him in time.")

"Kono chinta nei tor. Ami thik sokale uthe jabo." ("Don't you worry. I'll surely wake up in time, tomorrow morning.")

Once that was done, I went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I heard a phone call in my mom's bedroom. I wondered who it was at this late hour, so I went downstairs to pick up the phone on the hall since it was a parallel line. As soon as I picked it up, I heard my mother speaking to a man. It was Shyam Uncle.

Shyam Uncle: Ki Shikha darling, toiri toh kalker jnoo? ("So Shikha darling, ready for tomorrow?")

My mother: Apni keno amae diye esob koracchen bolun toh? Amar chele jante parle kelenkari hoejabe. ("Why are you making me do this? If my son comes to know about this, then I'll be a dead duck.")

Shyam Uncle: Arey kissu hobena. Tomar chele jante parbena aar janleo kichu bolbena. Amae bhorsha koro. ("Nothing will happen. Your son will not find out anything and even if he does, he won't say anything. Trust me.")

My mother: Ki shob bolchen? ("What are you saying?")

Shyam Uncle: Thik i bolchi. Emon sexy, kamuk ma thakle chelerao bojhe je tar sorirer khide ekjon ke diye metano jae na. ("It's the truth. If you have such a sexy, hot-blooded mother then one man is not enough to quench her bodily hunger.")

My mother: Dekhun apnar amar somporke ja bolar bolun. Kintu amar cheler byapare baje montobbo korben na. ("Listen, say whatever you have to about me. But don't drag my son.")

Shyam Uncle: Acha thikache, korbo na. Tahle bolo, tumi toiri toh tomader doodhwalar loha gorom korar jonno? ("Okay fine, I won't. Now, tell me if you're ready to make your milkman's rod hot?")

My mother: Hain. Ami ready. ("Yes. I'm ready.")

Shyam Uncle: Good. Ebar arekta kotha bole dichi. O jodi tomake ektu edik odik chudte chae, tahle oke badha debe na. ("Good. Now listen closely, if he tries to touch you somewhere then don't stop him.")

My mother: Mane? ("What?")

Shyam Uncle: Mane o ei alpo boyeshe ektu mature maal er swadh nite chae tahle ke seta theke bonchito korbe na. ("Meaning if he wants to have some kinky fun with a mature broad, then don't discourage him.")

My mother: Kintu o jodi kichu ultopalta kore fele. Ami nijeke bachabo ki kore? ("But what if he tries to do something bad. How will I save myself?")

Shyam Uncle: Arey dhusshh o kissu korbena! Tachara ami toh janla diye dekhbo bollam toh! Kichu hole ami bujhe nebo. ("Nothing will happen! Besides, I'll be watching everything from the window. If something happens, I'll take care of it.")

My mother: Thikache. ("Fine.")

Shyam Uncle: Kalke oke tahle bhalo kore seduce koro. Ar emon uttejok kapor poro jate tomae dekhei or dhon khara hoejae. Ami or dhon khara hote dekhte chai. Bujle? ("Tomorrow you better seduce him properly. Wear something procovative I wanna see his dick rise and become hard as a sword.")

My mother: Apni ja chaiben tai hobe. Khali oi chobigulo kauke dekhaben na. Ami noile parae mukh dekhate parbo na. ("I'll do whatever you say. Just don't show those pictures to anyone. Otherwise, I won't be able to show my face in public.")

Shyam Uncle: Arey Shikha, tumi chap nio na. Khali amar ebong amar bola lokeder bhalo kore kheyal rakhbe tahlei hobe. ("Don't worry, Shikha. Just make sure you take of me and the people close to me and everything will be fine.")

Then, he hung up. My own member was hard thinking about the things that will happen tomorrow between my mom and the young doodhwala.

The door bell rang the next morning and I immediately woke up, eager to see what my mother would wear. When I went to the staircase and peeped into her room, I was shocked. She was standing in front of the mirror totally naked. Her huge 36dd boobs were looking like two huge melons on a tree. Her 40-size ass was jiggling with nervousness. She must have trimmed some of the hair surrounding her pussy and that's why her engorged pussy lips could now be seen clearly. There was only a tiny, thin patch above her twat that looked very inviting. She sprayed a sweet strawberry scent across her body - first she sprayed it on her thigh and shivered when the cold spray touched the smooth soft skin of her thigh, she then applied the perfume on her milk tanks and her super-sensitive nipples instantly became stiff causing her to moan "unngghhh..." in pleasure, lastly she used the perfume on the voluptuous globes of her butt. Finally, she applied a generous amount of red lipstick on her soft, protruding lips which increased her sexiness. She was looking like a high-class call-girl cum housewife.

The bell rang a second time and I immediately ran inside my room so that she doesn't see me peeking. After a third ring I heard footsteps going down the staircase. I decided that I cannot miss this. When I slowly came out of my room and looked down from the staircase, I was shocked. My mom was wearing a red petticoat, a red blouse and one of her black bra straps had come out from the blouse making them visible. She was not wearing any saree over her clothes either. Her fleshy midriff and deep, juicy navel was also visible from the front. Her petticoat was loose and I could actually see a few inches of her ass-crack peeking above the petticoat. The petticoat was made of very thin fabric. Every fold and wave of her enormous buttocks could be clearly seen through the translucent fabric of the petticoat That means she was not wearing any panties. I was totally amazed. My mother who was so conservative just a few days back was now going to open the door for a milkman wearing such raunchy clothes.

My mother then slowly and nervously opened the door and there he was standing. Our milkman/doodhwala. He was a 25 year old guy, lean built, had very few facial hair and was not very ugly looking, but had a lot of pimples on his face. He was wearing a banyan and a pyjama, and was holding a milk can in his hand. The moment he saw my mother, his jaw dropped open. I doubt he had ever seen such a mature, married woman in such a sexy state.

"K...K...Kakima, apni ajke?" (A...A...Aunty, why you're here?"), he said stammeringly.

My mother didn't like the guy at all. But she knew that Uncle Shyam was watching from his window and so she had to give the old pervert a show. "Aaj theke ami tor theke doodh nebo." ("From today onwards, I'll be taking milk from you.")

The milkman gave a naughty smile and shamelessly stared at my mother's creamy cleavage. Because of the color contrast with the blouse and the bra, the black outline of her inners were showing properly. Almost 60 percent of her milky breasts were exposed over her blouse. "Apnar kache abar doodh er obhab ache naki." ("I don't think there is any shortage of milk with you.")

Although my mom was too gullible to understand his double meaning words, his awkward stares were making her very uncomfortable. She looked up for a second towards Uncle Shyam's window, making sure he was watching and then continued. "Baje kotha na bole doodh ta dhal." ("Don't talk rubbish and pour the milk.") Saying that, she laid her empty can on the floor. As soon as she bent down, her bra-covered boobs streched against the fabric of the blouse exposing almost 80% of her spotless milky hooters. The milkman's eyes were now fixed on her exposed flesh and dick was stirring inside his pyajamas as he openly scratched it.

When my mom saw what he was looking at and what he was doing with his manhood, she immediately stood up. He still couldn't remove his eyes from her mammaries and so my mother said, "Ki dekhcho? Doodh ta bhoro ebar can e." ("What are you looking at? Pour the milk in the can.")

The erotic smell of the perfume was also making this young man excited. "Dichi. Tobe ekta jinis bole thakte parlam na. Kakima apnar ga diye erom odbhut kamuk gondho beroche je nijeke dhore rakhte parchi na." ("Giving. But before that I have to say something. Aunty you smell so nice that I cannot hold myself steady.") His eyes trailed towards her plump belly and the small, deep navel in the middle. "Kakima, apnar nabhi ta ki gobhir. Er moddhe toh paanch takar coin aaram se dhuke jabe." ("Aunty your navel is so deep. It will easily fit a five rupee coin.")

Showered with so many praises, my mom couldn't help but blush. "Thikache Thikache, onek kotha sikhe gechis. Ebar doodh ta dhal." ("Okay fine. You've gained a lot of speaking skill in these few days. Now, start pouring the milk.")

He obeyed. He lifted the can and then started pouring the milk inside the empty container.
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