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She gave a paper which contained many points.
Rekha : You can read it, while we have a cup of tea. After reading come to the room there.

Both the ladies stood up, Rekha came near me smiling at me, her hand patted my dick. She said “You have a good piece here”. Viji Mam, also giggling, cam near me and held my dick in her hand caressed my dick and gave a smile and then both the ladies went into the room.

When the ladies touched my dick, I was so excited and was almost about to cum there. Never in my life before I have experienced such a high.

I opened the paper and started reading. While reading each and every point, my heart started to beat much and much faster. My happiness found no bounds. I was feeling like a bird flying freely. I was feeling the clouds.

1) You should stay in the house and leave the house without my permission. Do not become friends with anybody in the neighborhood. For doing anything and everything, you have to seek my permission before.
2) You will bring all your clothes, personal things whatever it is, at once and settled down in this house from tomorrow morning.
3) You will not go out of the house alone even once
4) Your job is a SEX SLAVE, so you should obey whatever I say at the same time never try to force upon your ideas / yourself on me or my guests
5) There will be different kinds of parties organized in the house, you will be told how to behave and what is your role for different kinds of parties and you have to do accordingly. Your role in attending to guests will also be of a SEX SLAVE and you have to satisfy every guests needs.
6) You have to daily wear such clothes whatever you are told, in the house
7) Most of the parties, you will have to be semi naked or full naked, wear whatever you are told, how much ever kinky it is or even stay fully naked if you are told to and have to serve the guests as if you are a slave for them too.
8) The guests are free to slap / spit or do any kinky thing on any part of your body. You must have a liking to such kinky things and should enjoy it.
9) You will sleep in my room or outside the room as I wish.
10) You will have to get me bathed everyday. When I go for bathing, in the Tub or Shower, you will have to apply soap, rub the skin gently, and wash all parts of the body carefully.
11) You will help me wear my clothes including hooking and unhooking of Bra, wearing panties etc. You will do my hair, apply compact talc on my body.
12) You will come along with me whenever I go the washroom for pee. After peeing you will wash with water and clean with a dry cloth.
13) You will accompany me wherever I go, drive my car, be my personal assistant outside the house.
14) Do all such things that are told to you. Never do anything which is not told to you.
15) You have the liberty to stay in the house as if it is your own house, eat, sleep, do everything normally.
16) I always go to bed full naked, you will have to give me a soothing massage daily and then go the sleep.

I was feeling on cloud 9. This is what I was dreaming for, This is what I wanted. I got more than I bargained for. Yes Yes Yes.

I went straight into the room, my dick was as steady as a rocket ready for launch. The ladies were sipping tea with some snacks. I went down on my knees and asked

Me : Madam, can I touch your feet.

Rekha : Have you read all the points and have you accepted it or do you have any objections. If you want anything to be deleted, tell it now itself.

Me : Madam, I want to touch your feet, please allow me.

Viji : What are you going to do, OK, you can touch our feet.

I touched their feet and holding it I said :

Me : This is a dream come true for me. I always dreamed of being such a slave to a lovely women. I don’t want any thing else in this world. This is what I wanted and I have got it. I will do it with utmost sincerity and love all kinky and weird things, you can get anything done from me, you are welcome for that. The more kinkiest and Weird thing you would ask me to do, I would love it. Thanks for this. This is like winning a bumper lottery for me.

Rekha : Wow, good my dear boy. I am really impressed by you. Do your job and impress us, you are going to get good rewards for it. I promise, you will flattered by the rewards.

Me : Thank you madam.

I licked both the women’s feet. In between I say their faces, they were loving it and they gave me a smile which almost made me cum there, I just somehow controlled it.

Viji : OK, Nikhil, now go around the house yourself, and see all the rooms. This one is my personal room. The room opposite to this room there, will be your room. I will show you all the details of my room after you move into this house. After seeing the house once, you can leave and tell me when you will be moving in here.

Rekha : Arrange to bring all your items at once, but don’t bring any furniture and big items, you may bring your bike.

Me : Madam, I am living in a fully furnished studio. Except my clothes and few accessories and my bike I don’t have anything. I am vacating the apartment right now. The owner is next door, I will tell him that I am vacating and I will move in tonight itself. I cant wait till tomorrow morning to move in here.

Both the ladies, laughing, “are you so desperate for this Good”

I went to my apartment like a flying plane, packed my things in a jiffy, told the owner that I am moving out as I am shifting to a relative’s house and I will collect the rent advance later on. I just did everything as if there was no tomorrow and landed at Madam’s house by 9 pm.

Viji Mam welcomed me into her room. She told you are appointed for the job right now. She told me tonight you sleep in your room. Tomorrow morning we will discuss some more intricacies. I hope you will enjoy the stay here and to make my life also enjoyable. From what I have seen from you, I think you will enjoy what all happens here.

Me : Madam, just wait and watch. I am going to be the one what you might of dreamed of. I will meet your expectations perfectly.

Me : Can I give you the night massage Mam.

Viji : hmmm, not today, start from tomorrow. Have you finished your dinner or you can join me.

Me : I finished Mam.

Viji : OK, then I will finish my dinner, by the time you go to your room and get your bed ready. After I finish the dinner, you can put the plates and other utensils into the wash basin in the kitchen, the cleaning mail will come in the morning and clean all the dishes. Then you come into my room and remove my dress.

Oh, hearing those words, my dick was almost about to spit out cum. Very hard, I controlled and went to see my room.

Madam’s room was very big like 20 feet by 25 feet, with an attached bathroom of the size 15 feet by 15 feet. The room had a full set of recliners, a home theatre, a small pantry with tea kettle, microwave etc. dressing table, 2 separate wardrobes, a big king size bed and so many other things.

My room was like 15 feet by 12 feet, it had a queen size bed, wardrobe and attached bathroom etc.

The room was almost ready, nothing to be arranged. So I went to the dining room, where Mam was seated and was having dinner watching TV. She saw me and asked

Viji : Did you like your room

Me : Fantastic Mam. I am soo happy

Viji : Will you have anything to eat, have some ice cream

In my mind only one thing what was going is what Mam told few seconds back “ After I finish my dinner, you come into my room and remove my dress” my mind and body was jumping with joy. I am going to see the lady fully nude. Waaaaww Yes Yes Yes. Practically I was standing silently, but mentally every part of my body was jumping with joy.

After mam finished her dinner, as she left for her room, I started to clean the table, I turned back and saw her walking, swaying her ass from this end to that end, Oooohhhhhh, was a lovely figure, supremely big ass. It was like icing on the cake, because I am a die-hard ass lover.

I cleaned the table as soon as I can, put the plates, utensils in the kitchen and walked to Mam’s room.

She was sitting on the recliner and watching TV. I silently went and sat at her feet, took her feet onto my lap and started giving a feet massage. I saw her, she smiled and put her hand on my head and gently rubbed by hair. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the foot massage. Her foot and the fingers were milky white, soooo soft and it was a pleasure for me rubbing and pressing the skin gently.

After I finished the massage, she got up gave a pat on my head and said “you are lovely”. She was wearing a chudidar.

Viji : Remove the top by holding the bottom portion and lifting it from above my head.

I have see girls how they remove the chudidar top.

Me : yes Mam

I removed the top while she held her hands high and then down, It was easy. My mind wanted to see her boobs but my eyes were seeing some where else, I was thinking what she will think if her see her boobs.

Viji : unhook the bra

I went back, my eyes were scanning her massive butts while I unhooked her bra and removed it and kept it aside. I stayed at the back side itself, as I could not dare to go in front of her nude boobs, fearing that my cock will explore the liquid.

Viji : come in the front, why, are you feeling shy ?
She turned around and smilingly said “ Don’t you want to see the things”

Me : I am dying to see them Mam, I was just afraid, whether it would be appropriate to see those lovelies whether you will not mind it ?

Viji : you are allowed to see and feel all these things, this is your salary. OK, enjoy.
She smiled at me.

My eyes were not ready to move away from the sight of her huge titties. I have no words to explain those lovelies.
Viji : Now, help me remove the pant. I brought down her pants till her toes, she then lifted her legs one after the other, I removed the pants. She then brought down her panties till her knees, I then brought it down further, she then lifted her legs one by one and I removed her panties also completely.
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